Why do I need a web developer?

In the XXI century, internet is the most popular source of information and way of communication. Your company website is your business card, but you can include much more information for your potential clients. This is also the reason a website should look and feel professional for all visitors. There’s a much bigger chance to get more clients via a well made website than with a standard business card or a flyer. Nowadays, more and more people are looking for information about companies on the internet, no matter what line of business it is. It is accessible for visitors 24/7 even when your business is closed. Many people work different shifts and aren’t always able to visit your office or shop, but they will always be able to visit your website no matter what time or day of the week it is. Often potential clients will visit your website first before deciding whether or not they want to call or visit the office and talk to you. It is therefore important that your website looks professional and attractive to those viewers and contains all the information that’s needed for them to contact you.

Let’s be real here – creating a professional looking website is not an easy job. It takes time and, despite popular opinion, a lot of knowledge. Sure, you can choose a popular CMS (Content Management System) where everything is predefined and all you need to do is to add the content, but what if you want to have some custom feature, or design? Content Management Systems lets you do only so much without any programming knowledge and certain custom changes might not be even possible. This is the moment when you need help from a professional web developer who can advise you what technology is best for your needs and will be able to provide a service that meets your expectations.

Ok… so what determines a good website? First, it should have an attractive design and ease of use. The most important thing that many people forget about is that your website is not for you, it’s in fact for your users. A professional web designer is always up to date with current design trends and will be able to create an attractive looking and easy to use website if he has all the necessary info about your expectations. The second step is a web developer who will be able to implement this design on your website, add all the needed features and make sure it’s intuitive, mobile responsive and optimised. It is very important that the web developer is up to date with current technologies. Programming languages are changing all the time and someone who left programming school 10 years ago and didn’t continuously learn current language changes might do more damage than help. The web developer will be also able to make sure your website is secure, which is especially important when you run an online shop or store your users’ personal details on the website. If you decided earlier to use some popular CMS like WordPress or Joomla it’s also important to make sure it is frequently updated. This is something you can do yourself obviously, but we always advise to have a developer maintain your website to make sure your website is always backed up and nothing breaks after the update. It is a more common problem than you might think.


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